Massive testing for business rules security

Most security testing tools analyse technological vulnerabilities, performing tests, such as SQL Injection, XSS, Code Injection, etc. While necessary, these tests have already become rather basic. As a result, malicious agents go beyond this layer of security by tampering with the parameters and deficiencies in deployment of business rules, which are generally tested manually and limited to a few scenarios. 

Engineered by Berghem, APPSafe is an innovative tool that maximises and automates parameter manipulation and business rule testing. Mobile and web applications are then put through a comprehensive battery of integrated testing, providing greater coverage of identified vulnerabilities while reducing human effort in these types of assessments.

APPSafe massifies and assists in the process for automating integrated tests, allowing parameters and business rules to be manipulated, and returning the impacts from these manipulations. 

Integrated and Continuous Tests

APPSafe is an integrated testing tool. Tests are run in the complete application, making it possible to map the risks originating from the interaction between portions of the system. The tests are also continuous, allowing the same test to be replicated as many times as necessary with each fix or improvement in your web or mobile app.

Acquisition method


Data and infrastructure remain under the control of the institution, with the allocation of configuration resources being recommended by Berghem.


The infrastructure is provided by Berghem in a cloud, without the need for new configurations. Flexible hiring models, according to business demand. 

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