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Berghem – Smart Information Security ensures that the information collected on its website is seen as a priority, because we have as pillars the confidentiality and integrity of them, both in the treatment, in the storage and in the traffic of data collected on its website and in any other service provided by Berghem, in the light of current laws such as the General Law on Data Protection (No. 13,759/2018), the Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet (No. 12,965/2014) and the Personal Data Protection Law (No. 67/98).

The personal information collected by third-party technologies on Berghem’s website can include anonymous data access, device and browser data used, location, language, navigation and cookie behaviour, as well as the name, e-mail and telephone when submitted via form, either on its own website or on marketing platforms and social networks used by Berghem. Berghem uses such data for analysis of access statistics, optimization of user experience on Berghem’s website, remarketing, segmentation and personalization of Berghem’s ads on third-party websites.

Information from completed and submitted forms, available on our website or via third-party services, can be used later for purposes of disclosure of our products and services and for telephone contact during business hours, if authorized.

The request for exclusion of personal data can be performed through the e-mail [email protected] The cancellation of the permission for the use of cookies can be performed according to the instructions:

Google Ads Settings
Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page

Berghem – Smart Information Security uses third-party services, managed or governed by privacy policies and responsibility of others, applied to marketing, native of platforms and social networks, in order to collect, treat or store data and information for internal dissemination.

Berghem – Smart Information Security is not responsible for the processing, treatment or storage of data on third-party websites here disclosed, whereby the policies present here are limited to Berghem’s dominion.

For the use of the Berghem – Smart Information Security website, the privacy agreement must be accepted.

We reserve the right to change this agreement without prior notice. Therefore, we recommend that you check our privacy policy regularly, so you are aware of any appropriate updates.

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