Enterprise Level Security for Web Applications and Javascript

Developed by JScrambler, the RASP-type (Runtime Application Self-Protection) solutions enter the latter stage of the development cycle, serving as the final layer of security by protecting the most exposed and most distant side of the organisation’s control: the client-side. The applications are recognized by Gartner in the Market Guide for In-App Protection and Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection.

Protect your web applications

Start protecting your JavaScript and mitigate client-side threats in real time.

The client-side of your web applications are exposed

Your JavaScript code can easily be stolen or tampered with, your web application is exposed to code injections, unwanted changes by third-party code and Man-in-the-Browser attacks (MitB). The Jscrambler suite offers complete tamper proof security for your Web application.


Code protection
State-of-the-art Javascript obfuscation techniques, with polymorphic behaviour and optimized restructuring of code execution flow (Control Flow Flattening – CFF).
Code integrity
Jscrambler is the only solution that ensures your code is tamper-proof, with self-defence and obfuscation


Web page integrity
Protect your website against Code Injections, Man-in-the-Browser attacks (MitB), DOM tampering and data exfiltration
Real-time monitoring
Full visibility into the client-side, with real-time detection and call-backs for automatic reactions. Accurate and actionable details about any injected code, including zero-day vulnerabilities

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